Camera Update

If my attempt at taking 1 picture a day until Easter were likened to the scenario of the book/movie Julie and Julia (ie- Make 1 recipe each day) I would have failed miserably, never gotten a book deal or a movie deal or anything. But, alas, that is not the case with my life and I am not being punished for not taking photos. Except that I keep seeing things and thinking, "damn I wish I would have brought my camera." Because today I saw a bird necklace hanging on a mailbox and it needed to be captured, and yellow colored stairs with a white banister and a grey background with a black trashcan on the top needed to be remembered, and Sean and I basked in the sun and the contours of his face were magically exposed.

I will continue on trying to capture all that is around. But of course, it my ordinary human, flawed, stalled out, busy kind of way.



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