Things I love about Sean.

This is a post about food; this is not a post about Sean. The title of the post is about Sean. Because one of the things I love about him is the way he cooks. He follows recipes to a "t"; his focus enables him to read every detail of the recipe even if it doesn't make sense. Thus, he makes some very very wonderful meals. Albeit, they sometimes take all day, get on the table late, or destroy our kitchen.
This weeks best were last Saturday's oatmeal pancakes and some yummy Chana Masala.

So about cooking, now that the haze of newborn-baby hood is fading from our lives we are coming up for air. Our weekends are now blessed with long naps for our baby...and kitchen wonderfulness for us! Today alone we are working on Julia Child's Beef Burgandy, A Blackberry/Rasberry Pie, Thin Mints, some side dishes for the beef burgundy- and a I guess that is all. But we are pretty excited by the reminder that even though life is hard- and crazy we can still cook when we have time and that you don't have to sell out to the processed food industry to have a family...Next project- we are going to work on our own yogurt, I'm hunting for a great coffee cake recipe, and...well what's on your table?


  1. I, too, made beef burgundy and really enjoyed it. Not sure it was worth the hours I spent slaving over the stove. It was fun to try, but I don't think I could cook Julia Child style on a regular basis.

    I've made a wonderful potato, leek, bacon & goat cheese pizza. So tasty. Patrick is making a delicious baked salmon with potato-artichoke dish this evening. That's pretty much what we've been up to in the kitchen!


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