My tooth needs some sweetness

We have a family rule that we only eat deserts that we make. That way we know what is in it and we have to put some energy into our sugar highs. Well last week we were a little low on homemade deserts. Staved over by a generous batch of chocolate chip cookies that found their way from someone else's mixing bowl to our counter, we were feeling the need for a bit of sugar. So this weekend we've gone a little bonkers. Or, since I have the sweet tooth in the family, I've gone a little bonkers.

Yesterday, while Sean slaved over the beef burgundy, I dreamed up some sweets to make it through our week. We now have a black/rasberry pie on our counter. I got a great all butter pie crust recipe from The Grand Central Baking Book that I'll post if anyone requests it but otherwise I won't bother. Well after I rolled out the pie crust and put the pie in the oven I felt sorry for all the pie crust scraps. They called out to me, "please don't send us to the yomp [compost] just yet. We haven't reached our life dreams. Please help us reach entelechy." So even though they had already been handled a lot, which we all know is devastating for a nice flaky pie crust, I balled them up, rolled them out and made a mini-pie; because somewhere alone the line we acquired a miniature pie plate. I tossed in some frozen raspberries, sugar, flour, and thickly sprinkled some cocoa on the top. This miniature pie turned in a delightful chocolate raspberry pie. Truth be told, the pie crust was damned good too!

Oh, and while the pies were cooling, some mint-cocoa mix fell onto the beautiful creation. Too bad too, it had hearts cut out, bits of heart shaped dough spread all over. It was a Valentine marvel. I dropped a few "f-bombs" over that spill.

So under the same inspiration cloud I also whipped up a couple rolls of Thin Mint Cookies. They were in the freezer until today. Now, having been cooked I'll dip them in chocolate sometime this week. Probably when the pie runs out.

Then in the final bout of inspiration, while Sean was out with Junia giving me some nap time, (the 3 cups of coffee from breakfast didn't allow it), I decided to try to create the authentic buttercream that people had offered recipes and advice for in the previous post. I am not sure if it turned out just right, though it is yummy. So of course, I had to make some cupcakes to go under the frosting...These too are not yet frosted and can wait until the pie runs out. I think my sweet tooth might get a cavity this week!?

If you live in Seattle, dear reader, feel free to stop by this week for something yummy!


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