Well Travelled

So at this point in her life she has been on more planes than months she's been alive, and the fact of the matter is I have no advice or tips to give new parents who are traveling. Last week we traveled to Florida to meet up with some family who were also vacationing. Junia got an A and a B- grades on the flight, and this is with grade inflation. You know where C means average?! So that means she still did better than that kid behind you during some flight you recall only because of that kid behind you who either A. Kicked your seat. B. Screamed the whole time C. It doesn't matter what he did his parents were all out parenting skills or D. All of the above.

Florida isn't exactly our cultural cup of tea (at least not in February). Because we aren't theme park people, we were by far the youngest people at any of the places we went to. And even the "undeveloped" parts of Florida we had read about and tried to explore were way to developed for our taste. We did see some wonderful and beautiful sights, eat some great seafood, and frankly, I got to see the Atlantic again which somehow feels like seeing a beloved but spritely grandmother again (I miss her already).

The downside of all this, is that I am still under this pre-baby idea that vacations should be restful. Rather, Junia slept poorly, I slept poorly, and the little stresses quickly take on a life of their own when compounded with this environment.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean... travel is still nice, but more intense than pre-kids. What brought you to Florida?

  2. Great great pic of Missie Junia. She looks so grown up!


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