Conversation over breakfast (imaginary)

Looking ever so professional in her little chair on the table we were interviewed.
"I'm looking for two parents," she said with wide eyes, "from one I want a compassionate even keeled type, a great player, and someone who can focus."

"For the other," with waving hands, "I want someone who gets things done, who is also passionate- even to a fault."

"And from the both of them," she demanded, her head bobbling a bit on her shaky neck, "they need to be in love with each other, willing to admit weakness and mistake."

"We meet those qualifications," we offered boldly, "but we've got some requests for you. We are looking for someone who will surprise us, to offer us the full range of human emotions, who is flexible and willing to change as the position requires."


  1. I can't tell you how inexplicably moving I found this... really, very. I cannot wait to see you all.


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