I have a confession to make. I cannot sew. I took a home economics class in high school because it looked more fun than the accounting class that was the alternative. I am sure that we sewed. I am sure that we threaded the machines and dealt with tension and stuff. But, I must have been to eager for the biscut making unit which came next, because I remember nothing.

I want to learn how to sew. I want to play around with a machine and figure out how to make at least pillows.

I acquired an old sewing machine in grad school but couldn't justify hauling the 50lb SOB accross the country if I couldn't use it. I wish I had it back. There is a store in Seattle that teaches basic they start with how to purchase a machine? Anyway, if you are one of my local readers and you know how to sew- wanna give me a lesson. And forgive me for being crafty but not quite as crafty as you thought.


  1. hey rachel,

    i would take a sewing class at the local shop before you buy a sewing machine. i wish i had done that. i mean my sewing machine works just fine, but after using one of theirs i saw what just a little more money invested would have gotten me.

    if you need any good websites for easy (and free) projects and tips let me know. i've found a lot online.

  2. I would borrow one from a friend and get them to teach you the rudimentary sewing moves and skip the class. I think that, depending on your personality, tinkering with a machine can be even more instructive than a class... and more flexible time-wise.

  3. It is a great idea to find someone near you who knows how to use a machine & play together. I got an old Singer a few years ago & am still teaching myself to use it. A lot of things you can figure out on your own, especially if your machine comes with a manual (mine didn't.. ah!!) but stuff like tension is scary without a little help.
    Stick to medium weight cottons/cotton blends, like muslin or broadcloth, or a lightweight flannel. It's not slippery, it's not too thick, and it's not so thin that it will get eaten up.

    Good luck, Rachel. :)

  4. I'm the one that signed up for home ec in high school, and dropped out the first day when the teacher gave us sheets of papers with shapes on them (like squares, spirals) and told us to trace the lines with the sewing machine. Didn't even have thread in the machine. I thought that was the lamest thing and dropped. DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!


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