In da crib

We are moving. Last week at our 6 month well baby visit our doctor encouraged us to think about moving Junia from her co-sleeper to a crib. I wasn't immediately like, "hey this is great lets change things up just for kicks." But after several days of musing over this Junia's move to the crib is underway.

I think the major thing that has changed has been that we are no longer able to watch Jon Stewart, read a book or even have a conversation in bed while she sleeps next to us. She is just to restless. Or shall we more generously call it, "attuned."

So yesterday Sean had great success with having her nap in her crib and suggested that we have her sleep in her crib as well. After her usual routine we laid her in the crib. And of course, she cried. But in less than 10 minutes, after patting, and reminding her that we were there, she fell off to sleep. Up twice for eating, but then back down in less than 30 seconds we are calling it a successful night!

Oh and the awesome thing, we watched an episode of the office as we fell asleep and then this morning I had to wake her up because my stirring didn't awaken her.


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