I love I frequently buy gifts their and I think it's a wonderful sight full of delights and creativity. . .

Sean has been encouraging me, ever since I put together Junia's room, to try to sell some stuff on etsy just to see what happens. So I made a cupcake stand and 3 birds. We'll see what happens.

We'll no one has bought anything and that's fine but slowly I am posting things and making things. I feel excited by it. Oh, and excited that I FINALLY got to use a table saw this weekend and am now working on sanding smooth some blocks for Junia.

Here's my etsy shop.


  1. I love your birds! Maybe I have to buy one...

  2. So i want to see your etsy page. Whats the link? I am very impressed. I cant imagine having an at-home buisness selling things. I would love it, theres just not enough time.


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