Construction Project

Do you realize how expensive patio furniture can be? Well lets just say it can be expensive. We love to sit outside. At the first hint of warm weather we put dinner on the table outside and enjoy ourselves there. In fact, the night we brought Junia home from the hospital we ate outside on our patio.

Last summer we used an old laminate dining table as our patio table. It was basically a piece of junk when I bought it for $10 when I lived in Worcester. So it reached its peak bathing in the Seattle summer sun. The fall and winter rain brought it doom and the table has to go.

So with help from someone elses tool bag (power tools get expensive too!) we are making ourselves a patio table. It's not going to sit evenly, it's not going to look perfect but it will be ours. It's the building process that's the problem! When I am thinking hard, working on problems, or being creative I tend to get very quiet. I move inside of myself to figure out what to do and to sort out the problems. S tends to do his musing verbally. And both of us get pissed when the nail bends! Junia give us her patience, but when she runs our she is totally out! Does this paint the picture? Oh, and the other thing is that we are hoping to have it done by next Sunday when J will be baptized and we are having guests.

So hours later, with J in bed, S and I have said our apologies and we are preparing ourselves to continue this project during tomorrow's naptime. Pictures soon!


  1. I love your honesty. Also have you tried to scope out Craig's list at all for furniture or is it still stupid expensive on there too?

  2. I'm excited about your patio furniture. We have had small "porches" before, but nothing like the one we have now. Not ready to commit, we decided on folding lawn chairs in bright popsicle colors for our porch-sitting. :)


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