Ministry and Parenthood.

I believe that S and I are called. After all, we are most fully alive in ministry,in marriage, and in parenthood. I believe that in this call we are dragging J into this life. We drag her into it and allow it to give her priveleges from it, struggles from it, and to just shape her in whatever ways that it will. My thoughts are not fully formed but hazy. I am pondering:

  • That being called to ministry and called to parenthood essentially calls you children to be a part of your ministry.
  • That it is important that we are NOT staying at home with Junia right now. That in some way she is being generous by allowing us to be away from her. We are asking a lot from her and without even her knowing it she gives generously to others.
  • I want to celebrate this in her, and also allow her (in her time) to grieve this if it becomes painful.
  • That not since the early church have married, child bearing women, and their spouses done ministry together (early church couple: Andronicus and Junia).
  • That being on this cutting edge of ministry/marriage/parenthood is a gift and a responsibility that us (and our Weston classmates) are asked to take seriously.
  • Other things are brewing. I just want to kind of get them out and beging to reflect more seriously.


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