Ode to the tank top

Despite being a woman who doesn't really shave her armpits (what's the rational behind that?) and who has flappy arm fat I love the tank top. I cannot handle sleeves in the summer. And honestly, I don't want to live my life hiding my body from a world that has deemed fatness as evil. I don't think that shame does anyone any favors.

Old Navy and Star Island both contributed to this. Old Navy- by offering cheap colorful tank top and Star Island by offering a job where I needed to move, sweat, and an accepting community where modesty didn't really matter. So now I've got the rainbow colors of the tank top.

So why the post? Well along came baby, and I didn't want to have to go buy a whole new wardrobe to feed the little nugget. So alas came the tank top sneaking in as an undergarment. Here's the genius. I buy them stretchy- wear them underneath everything and then when the nugget needs to eat the over shirt comes up and the boobs come over the collar of the (very stretchy) tank tops. It stops the world from seeing my entire belly all the time (even if they are seeing other usually concealed portions).

Anyway, I love the tank tops. I love my colorful collection and now, I even love the convenience.


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