I hate the mall

Yesterday J and I went to suburban mall land and I was pretty overwhelmed. J has a rash and was unwanted at daycare and I had a ton of errands to run for a retreat that is coming up in January- so I kept her from daycare and she joined me on my errands.

This means that I ventured into the void of shopping land the third week of December! I don't like shopping most times of the year and December is the bad part of shopping mixed with more people, more traffic, more greed, more chaos- and maybe for my part even more shiny things for me to lust over :)

It didn't take long. I feel like I have had my fill. This year, our gifts have been purchased online or homemade and we have a couple for J that have been sitting in the basement fora couple of months. Tt's quite a relief too not have to venture into retail land. I know their are people who love it; it just isn't for me. I have my own shopping issues on websites like etsy and on my bad days I can go a little nutzo on Amazon---but it takes a different person inside of me to get me excited to be at a mall.


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