A very lesbian Christmas...

When I was a child this used to hang on our wall during the Christmas season. I grew up thinking that it was 2 women around a child, then I realized when I was around 18 that it is probably supposed to be Mary, Joseph and Jesus. It was only several years later  When my Mom was going through her old Christmas, things and giving them away, I asked if I could have the women with baby Jesus. You see, because I've always seen them as women around Jesus it only makes sense that I eventually started to think they were lesbian women and now that is why I like it.

After all, it doesn't fit any of my sense of style or decor. It is a bit too midwestern crafty for my particular taste but theologically is is beautiful... it makes sense to me that the incarnation if it happened today might emerge from a lesbian couple. Jesus' whole ministry is about uplifting the poor, being available to those who are marginalized, and calling out the kingdom of God to those in power to uplift the powerless.  Somehow the fact that it doesn't fit my interior design style is all the more appropriate, even with a theology of liberation there is still something here that is uncomfortable- now that is the Gospel!

Honestly, I love this lesbian couple who is caring for baby Jesus. I love that they that they are my image of the incarnation. They remind me to shed the romance of the birth narrative and honor the vulnerability in society, the lack of legal marital status, the challenge of whom to share their honest selves with this  This is part of what the incarnation is. This is part of what I love about Christmas.


  1. I really appreciate your point of view on the world. I miss you, and am picnicking alone today.

  2. Oh, Rachel. This is why I miss you...

  3. Thanks for coming my blog to alert me to this beautiful story and wall art. I would love to reprint this story and image on the Jesus in Love Blog if you are willing to share it with a wider audience. Please let me know if you are interested. Wishing you joy as Christmas approaches.


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