The very best advantage of daycare- EVER

Junia didn't eat dinner last night. This means that she is healthy. Because S and I have food poisoning from one of the three things we had with dinner. Our bodies have been trying to rid itself of some kind of horrible nastiness. Honestly, we aren't feeling much better at this point and it's been almost 24 hours. J kind of refused to eat last night. We didn't force it and so at this point she lucked out!

So S and I took her to daycare this morning. We knew that the care would be better, someone else would cook her meals, and she would have people to play with. What a freakin' relief to be able to rest, care for ourselves, and just be laid up.

And on the way home we realized that stay at home parents don't have this privilege; I am pretty grateful for daycare today!


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