Inside out Zipper for a miniature person...

Work is slowing and that means my evenings have been restored to home, this also means that sewing Christmas projects is in full swing. Isn't this clutch in the picture above pretty adorable? The pleats turned out nicely, the style is cute. But don't be fooled. It's not a clutch at all...
The above picture?

Have any of you read "The Indian in the Cupboard" or "Stewart Little"? Well I created a little sleep pocket for the Indian or for Stewart...What the hell am I talking about? We'll the zipper bag we have here has the zipper facing inside. It is actually impossibly difficult to open unless you are in the bag. Thus it would offer a wonderful sense of privacy for any small living thing (with an exceptional and human like brain) to have to itself.

If you know any miniature people (or personified rodents) who need a sleeping bag or a snuggly room let me know and I'll pass it your way.


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