Weekend projects

These are the most beautiful Christmas cookies I have ever made. I don't know about you but I come from the land of slap on a spoonful of icing and call it a day. This year, I wanted to make them at least more festive even if perfect wasn't an option. So with a tiny cut out of some ziplock bags S and I decorated to our hearts content. J on the other hand wasn't interested in the least.

I also made J a cute Christmas jumper. It's made from a red pillowcase and even though you can't see it on here it has large red dots on the pattern of the pillowcase. It is subtle so even when she is wearing it it takes a bit to notice. Once I finished the jumper I decided to go a step further with the snowflake. I confess, the snowflake isn't' perfect but I like it a fair amount.

We went to S's Christmas party last night and got some compliments on the dress too! I confess, that feels pretty good!


  1. I love the jumper! I think jumpers are just the best for little 1-year olds.

  2. I LOVE that snowflake! The jumper is beautiful, R!


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