When to get your kid a play kitchen? Get it for yourself is my answer!

Someone has a play kitchen in her life.

It was a Christmas present from her Grandparents and since J doesn't really understand Christmas yet she got it a little early. She isn't really into imaginative play yet, and I think she thinks we are all lunatics when we pretend to eat imaginary food except what is WONDERFUL about it is that I feel like it's something I can play with her because I do know how to use my imagination.

I just don't enjoy pulling blocks out of a box again and again and again. It's not that interesting to me. But pulling plastic fruit out of a bowl and putting it into another bowl- at least I can talk about how we are making a fruit salad and name each piece of the fruit or count them and then stir them up while she begins to transfer them back. When she opens the doors and takes things in and out- I can again name what she is doing as though she were doing it in a real kitchen.

The play kitchen is almost as much fun for us as it is for her I think.


  1. That is a lovely kitchen! Hooray for you, and for Junia, when she figures it out :-)

  2. I love this. I'm totally playing with our future kid's toys! I think part of the fun of having a kid is reliving the fun of childhood yourself. Enjoy your...er..Junia's kitchen!

  3. I saw that in the background of the advent calendar picture and was like "did they have that when I was there? I don't think so, cuz I totally would've checked it out." I love play kitchens too, and they make some pretty awesome ones these days... Rock on.


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