The Garden is in!

Our house is clustered with chaos. An iron, coffee, box of screws and bolds, berries, a spray bottle all on the table. Chairs around the sewing machine. And random crap strewn about.
Turn around and look into our living room and behold headphones, pajamas, stroller, patterns, pillows, barns, plastic bags and just general stuff.

But I'm not feeling grumpy about it at all! First of all, what a privileged life I lead possessing stuff in the first place.

Second of all, we have been working so hard getting our garden in this weekend and now, cue dramatic music, the Garden is In!!

Basil and tomatoes along our mossy- but heat holding wall!

All our rows are marked with rocks, because relying on my memory and Sean's knowledge of plants isn't so much reliable.

Broccili everywhere because last years broccoli was a vegetable-gasm, and who doesn't want more gasm however it begins.

I'm sure I'll post more pictures as the season goes on especially if things start to look nice! This year I did a walking space down the middle of the garden. I figured I should stop trying to keep maggie out and guide her. So far it's not working at all. I am hoping it can also work with Junia. Thoughts on keeping toddler and dog off plants? (you don't have to have a kid or a dog for me to consider your advice!)

Here's what we've planted:

Kale - 2full rows
WallaWalla Onion
Green beans
swiss chard
brussel sprouts (I don't think they'll amount to much)
Tomatoes (8 plants)
Potatoes- all volunteer from previous years I am letting them take over on their own.

Stawberries- probably only a handful
Blueberries- not many this year I'm sure

Yup, it's a mish mash of things but we kind of decided that we over did it with potatoes and green beans last year and it would be fun to try some new things. I am hoping to overwinter the kale and swiss chard. I am also hoping to put in some squash and corn. We will see. Sometimes weeding is enough for me.


  1. Woohoo! What a garden... Our inside definitely gets neglected when we're tending to the outside, too (and visa versa). As far as kids in the garden, ours have difficulty steering clear of tempting veggies, so we just designate certain "chores" to the kids like picking (and then eating) strawberries, or cutting salad greens with scissors. So far, that has kept them off the tomatoes, but only time will tell. XO

  2. So jealous! How wonderful it is that you live in a city AND have some green space of your own for a garden. Good of you to take such advantage of it.


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