Mariners & Us

With a game at 1:10, weather in the 70's, and both of us off work for most of the day we headed to the ball park (sometimes it just needs to be called that) on Sunday.

I confess, that I don't really care about professional sports or most sports at all. But, my beloved Sean is slowly getting me hooked more and more into baseball. It is filled with history, ritual, lore, and food. You know the kinds of things I like about theology as well. In fact, Sean and I think that baseball is what actually lead him to theology.

This was Junia's first game of this season. I think the part she liked the most was after the game when the seagulls descended on the whole place. It was pretty cool. Here are some more photos:

The end of the game: Seattle 9, Tampa Bay 6

I am constantly awed by trash. Junia picked up someone's milk shake and had one lick of their straw before we noticed- YUCK!

Safeco has a great view. Downtown on 1 side, mountians on all the others. Too bad the clouds moved in.


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