A good guest.

Sometime last year I sat down, right after some guests left, and vented out all of my anger about them. How they were disrespectful, used us as a hotel, didn't even try to enter in our reality while still feigning friendship.

Oh how it sucked. I vowed to never let them stay in my home again. I refuse to be disrespected so personally again. It threw Sean and I off for awhile.

But, redemption has come. Not in those guests but in the joy of having a truly generous warm guest in our space. Sharing in our time and reality, loving Junia and getting annoyed at her sometimes too:

"Mama! Mama! MAAAAMAAA!!! Mama!"

"Yes Junia."


"Okay Junia. Okay."

Again. And again. And again.

It'll be nice to have it just be the three of us again for a couple of days but it is a treasure to enjoy how guests can bring life, energy, and perspective into a space.

Thanks for being family for a week Bridget!


  1. Thank you so much!! It was SO great to see you three -- thank you so much for your hospitality, both materially and in spirit.



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