Pictures from Family Trip to KY

Family Photo---Junia and I look a bit rough- but it's a great photo of Sean.

The grandkids with their Buddy- no "grandma" but rather, they call her Buddy.

You probably already can guess I'm not usually one for matching dresses. But these three girls and their matching dresses melt me.

Foster's the baby! Can you sense how hot and humid it was. It's all over him!

Buddy with the Grandkids who can walk- or play in the water! They are even all looking forward!


Sandcastles and water and cousins. That sound's like a vacay!

Uncle Sean is popular!

Working on our Yoga- downward facing dog!

Paducah, KY on our way to Land Between the Lakes, KY and exploring the train.

This was a really great trip- relaxing, enjoyable, but lets be honest travel with kids isn't exactly restful!


  1. I love seeing pictures of Junia growing up and of you guys as parents! Zosia and I both, actually.

  2. Wow, she is such a little person now. The picture of the three girls in matching dresses -- that's such a "big girl" pose -- arms stretched out on either side on the fence (ok, she's holding their hands... but you know). And the last one, sitting on the curb. The next time I see you guys she'll be in high school! pout pout Miss you!

  3. did you make the three matching dresses? They look great!

  4. I did not make these dresses- I made a different matching set- that we didn't get pictures for. :(



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