Puppy Love- Something I love about Junia.

When I dropped Junia off at daycare today (which as been rough lately) her teacher mentioned that she asks for Daddy a lot. I laughed. Because when Junia asks for Daddy she is actually asking for Maggie not for Sean who is called Papa. She asks for Maggie constantly.

For whatever reason, Junia is madly in love with Maggie. She walks around the house saying, "I love you Maggie" or "I uh oooo Daddy." If she is sad or scared about something or in a new situation that makes her nervous she asks for Maggie. Honestly the only think that pairs in interest for Junia to Maggie would be her love of shoes.

In many ways, I think that talking about Maggie one of the ways she expresses her fears and anxieties because she doesn't yet have the words for emotions.

Nonetheless, we are grateful in a more meaningful way for Maggie and the love that she offers us and offers Junia- and moreover the way that she brings it forth in our family. It also makes me wonder what life with siblings is like for kids. In many ways Maggie is rough on Junia. Knocking her over, licking her, stealing her food. It's no perfect relationship- but what a delight.


  1. This warms my heart!
    Certainly they do share in common a limited ability to communicate with grown-up humans. They might *kind of* be siblings... I'm sure Maggie sees Junia as the youngest of the pack, someone to both care for and compete with.
    Short version: Dogs are wonderful.

  2. A lovely reflection, Rachel. It will be good for Junia to have this memory when she is older.


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