Summer work shirts

In packing for Kentucky I discovered a quandry. I have not had a professional that required me to work in the summer.


I know, I am a lucky woman. In college it was gardening, houskeeping, and working in a deli. In graduate school it was laundering, housekeeping and taking care of Conferees on Star Island.

My first ministry gig wasn't a summer thing and my second ministry gig I only worked a year and my last day was July 3. The ministry gig following that was at a high school. Lucky for me high school campus ministers don't work in the summer.

Sure I've had to dress up for a handful of hot days but honestly my summer top wardrobe consists of Old Navy ribbed tank tops and 5 nice looking shirts. Yes, that's right I only own 5 socially appropriate summer tops. THe fact of the matter is that I am way over the ribbed tank tops they are stained, have holes, wierd lengths. They've lasted me 7 years at this point and they are starting to show wear.

So now I am starting to embark on buying more shirts. I think I will start at the plus size cosignment in Seattle and if I can't find some plain nice shirts (even just some t-shirts will do) I might head to Old Navy. I'd really rather not- but we will see.


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