Bad sleep..two year old pattern?

This is a day for coffee. But, of course, there was no coffee in the house and I left my wallet at home. Darn. I am now trying to figure out who at work owes me a cuppa coffee.

J was awake last night from around 1am until 3:30am or so. I think she had a night terror and couldn't calm down. That is until around 2:15 or so. After 30 minutes of rocking, laying her in her bed, and standing in her room singing ABC I left. She noticed and screamed bloody murder for 15 minutes.

Too painful.

She joined us in bed for 20 minutes but it didn't work and so S moved a mattress into her room on the floor. She was wide awake with all the movement going on. When Sean tried to sneak back into our bed it was again terrifying.

We really don't want to start patterns of her being in our bed or us not being together. Sleeping in the same bed is a huge priority for us as a couple. But it's almost impossible to figure out what to do in the middle of the night when your entire body is screaming SLEEP!

And even now, while my entire body is screaming COFFEE, I am not sure what we should have done differently. It just sucked. I hope that we don't have a pattern forming. That's the real fear. I don't care about last night as long as we don't have to repeat it for upcoming weeks.

It's one night like last night and days like today that I remember how traumatizing the lack of sleep with infant Junia was. Wow, that was a rough time for us.

All in all, I am pretty glad to leave June-bug at daycare today. My patience was thin and I wake up with a grudge.


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