We are seeing the benefits of our garden lately.

With lettuce, basil, broccoli, kale, chard and greenbeans we are fairing our mild summer very well. I don't think we'll get more than a few handfuls of tomatoes. But year after year I keep planting them, because surely we'll have a warm summer one of these years!

I put in some Brussels sprouts, beets, and spinach hoping for some fall/winter veggies. I haven't ever done that successfully so I am hoping this year it'll work out.


  1. Have I told you before I am inspired and awed by your garden prowess? How do you get your broccolis to make compact heads like that? Mine are skipping that part and going straight to bolting.

  2. Oooh don't be.

    Seriously, I have a very good history of flops and thus far some luck. I was just reading about this though and what to do if this happens to your Brassicas---it sounds like you might have shocked them somehow...things that have the environment change very quickly at any time will suddenly go to seed- sort of like a - the end is coming lets have babies kind of mentality...

    Transplants? Cold snap? Warm snap? Funky watering?


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