Love's suprises

I didn't see it coming. What is it? That over our course (thus far) of being married how proud I could be of Sean.

A lot of our summer visits with friends involve the question, "so how is your summer going." We answer and Sean answers honestly that he has a had a busy, kinda overwhelming but good summer. He usually half explains why it was all those things. And then stops.

At that point I feel the need to explain about all the emotional tax that goes into his work. All the care, concern, and kindness he shows his students. How he is growing to be more bold every day! And we laugh about the time this summer I told his supervisor I wanted his brain to come home in the evenings.

I don't know if my parents weren't proud of each other or if they didn't show it. I can't think of couples that express their pride in one another very obviously. But my beloved makes me so proud. He was a phenomenal man when I met, decided to love, and married him. And still now he is phenomenal in the same and in new ways too.

What parts of marriage surprise you?

What did you not see coming?


  1. What a sweet post. Rachel, I think you are one of the main reasons Sean is becoming more bold. You are bold and inspiring!

    I think one of the best and most surprising parts of marriage is how much you rub off on one another a bit. I will always be distinctly me but I can see how some of my spouse's qualities have changed me slightly. Perhaps it's just inevitable when two people really challenge each other to be better. In addition to loving my partner, I admire him so I think it's only a little natural to aspire to those good qualities he has. I think people in happy marriages don't seek to change each other but you seek to appreciate the other person's strengths. In the end, you temper each other and balance each other out.


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