Paisley Pillowcase dress.

I think the toddler in the house has scratched up the lens of the camera. It seems not be able to take clear and in-focus pictures. It is kind of irritating, it's also just a camera. Hmm which of these dueling responses in me should I allow to be the loudest?

One of my frustrations with online free sewing tutorials for girls is almost everything is short sleeved. It's really annoying considering how often our weather is chilly in the pacific northwest. Finally we are having warm sunny weather; my inspiration woke up this morning and I put together a pillowcase dress for Junia.

Less than 30 minutes of work, a 99cents pillowcase thread and notions and here is a pretty stinkin' cute dress. Here is a link that reminded me I could make one quite easily.

Now if I could get her to keep her diaper on or get potty trained- one or the other really!


  1. That is an exceptionally cute dress -- I am seriously impressed, as always!

    My camera has never fully recovered from that windy night on the beach. I'm sort of annoyed with myself for not being more careful, but every time I have to turn the thing on and off four times before it will work, I'm reminded of that night, and trip in general, and it makes me think of you guys and smile. So the annoyance and the happy memory are basically coexisting at this point...


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