Stop talking about autumn!

Lets not talk about it. That has been my defacto perspective on the reality that it is nearly autumn. But friends are starting to mention things on facebook, blogs and in conversation. it seems that everyone who lives anywhere in North America other than Seatttle is okay with the autumn arriving.

I just find it depressing.

WE have finally had a week where temps were in the 80's and it was sunny. We got FINALLY got some ripe tomatoes. Some swimming in Lake Washington, some nights sleeping under a sheet instead of a duvet. But, it seems that by the end of this week we will be back in the 60's. It is coming whether I like it or not huh?

It seems like time slips by whether I like it or not.

The only hope I have been putting into fall this year then is that I have been planting some fall/winter veggies. Brussels sprouts, beets, (our kale is still having a heyday), more broccoli, arugula, spinach...that kind of stuff. I am also hoping to plant onions or leeks and garlic. We'll see.

I suppose that the other hope is that as a new school year begins I am not starting of with a new group of people I have to get to know. My second year at a job is a really exciting thing!

What are you doing to prepare yourself for autumn?

Are you excited for it?


  1. I agree! Fall doesn't come to the NW until October. Since summer doesn't get here until July, we get one more month. We don't even have any ripe tomatoes yet!!

  2. Sorry to say but I am TOTALLY excited for autumn. In all fairness though, the job has ruined summer for me. I used to love summer but now I'd rather just skip it.

    Autumn means back to school and back a quieter rhythm at work. Autumn means vacation for me since summer is my busiest time and I just feel like I can't leave during it. Autumn means my favorite foods and holidays. Autumn means foliage and crisp days and no humidity. Autumn also means less intense sun, which means no more sun burns from just riding in the car.

    I, however, can totally see your point about Seattle summer. It just sounds like the NW isn't into the 4 season cycle. I hope you get lovely, warm sunny summer weather for as long as you need it!

  3. As far as weather & climate go, Middle Tennessee is pretty boring. It's not like a large portion of the Midwest (and the part of Oklahoma where I grew up) where all 4 seasons have their own characteristics and are almost equally represented in duration and force.
    The extreme seasons (Summer, Winter) tend to be relatively mild here... yes, it can get VERY hot in Summer, and it usually snows a few times in the Winter, but more amplified than the actual weather seems to be the public's reaction to it.
    What I miss are Spring and Autumn. These transitional seasons (beautiful balance! thank you, equinox!) are SO brief, and due to how mild the extreme seasons are, residents consider the coolest Fall day to be Winter.
    I've lost track here... sounds like I wouldn't enjoy the seasons much in your part of the country. :) And are we excited for Autumn? If it actually comes this year, yes. That would really bring me joy.

  4. One good thing about DC summer is that it gets you really ready for fall... I'm pretty psyched to have low humidity, temperatures in the 70s and less bugs. I think this is one of the gifts of a really seasonal place-- you're entirely ready for the next season once it comes (except perhaps winter... fall always ends too early). Maybe seattle summer is like DC fall?


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