Making our own wrapping paper

I don't really think that birthdays need to be a big deal but they are fun. Junia is getting a couple things she picked out at Goodwill a couple of months ago and a tricycle to grow into. But, we of course have to wrap these goodies.

We aren't much for expensive and thin rolls of wrapping paper and we are all about reusing goods and making projects that we can do with Junia.

Need I explain more.
Brown paper bags, butcher paper, paint, paintbrushes- by the time we were done it was just feet rather than paint brushes!

What fun.

Someone is having a birthday tomorrow.


  1. I love feet-painting! Amy Meek & Erin Halacy (did you ever meet her?) once put a huge roll of craft paper on Shack Deck and we foot-painted to the sunset. It was amazing.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNIA!!! (A little something is in the mail, but it might not arrive until Friday. Just to spread the fun out ;-)

  2. Just looking at the pictures made me feel uncomforatable. You are brave! I think I will stay in my safe, neat pre-made wrapper paper and scotch tape bubble for now.

  3. Happy Birthday Junia! Love the creativity Rachel.


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