3 things- Potty training. Church. and Dating.

1. Potty training is more strategically underway.

Not because we are trying to achieve any goal like getting Junia "potty trained before baby" or anything.  It just seemed like a weekend that we didn't have a lot planned and we could be on it.

So far Junia has had no accidents with Sean and I.

And 3 with friend who watched Junia for 4 hours yesterday.  Apparently she doesn't want to tell anyone else.  Elana said that when she said, "do you need to go potty?" Junia said, "I tell MamaPapa."  (sometimes we are one word.)

We are talking up her telling her teachers at school this week.  We will see how that goes.

2. Church sucked this morning.  I'm already really pissed off that the institutional church for not actually believing that lay people matter or that our experiences should impact church teaching.  But then taking a toddler just makes it all harder.  Frankly, our parish is driving me crazy lately.

Getting 1 less hour of sleep, being 8.5 months pregnant, and dealing with a toddler who went to the bathroom 4 times during mass was too much for me.

3.  The good news is that Sean and I had a date yesterday it was a middle of the day date.  We haven't done many of these because in my imagination it doesn't seem that fun.

But we went to two restaurants we would NEVER go to with Junia and just ordered appetizers.  We wondered around a neighborhood and held hands, we had people convinced that my belly was probably our first child.  I twisted my ankle but didn't fall (as Sean's hand held me up) which means my ligaments must be about to go all loosy goosey on me.

It was really lovely actually.  Not having Junia around lets the anxiety meter drop down.  Not once did I think that Sean was going to break something, touch something gross, scream, have a meltdown, or drive people around us crazy.

 I think I might be kinda tired.  This post is coming off pretty grumpy.


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