Pregnancy...getting ready...sorting out the details...

Finally, she is interested in playing in the garden.
I'm having a hard time blogging about anything but pregnancy lately.  Not just pregnancy but all the things that are related to having another bear with of these days my energy will inspire something else.

Wow so 35 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty done.
I walked 2+ miles today and am feeling it.
Our house isn't quite in order to welcome a baby, but we are getting there.
Our emotions I think are all set.  We are ready to welcome a new person.

We sat down on Saturday,  during Junia's nap, and hashed out maternity leave, childcare, unexpected costs, and all the things that need to be talked about...

Maternity leave is looking better than I anticipated.
3 whole months off I think.  Wow.  That's better than the 6 weeks I took with Junia.
None of it will be entirely unpaid.
Junia will be out of daycare though.  I think this is kind of good but I am pretty terrified of being a SAHM.
Send me your ideas for playing with her. I need all I can get.

Sean and I are both really tired.
Junia is really busy.
We are about to be outpaced in energy.
We already are.

Names.  This child will not be named.
What are we going to do.
Seriously. This child might come home from the hospital without a name.
How long can you leave a child unnamed before it is simply irresponsible?

If it is a boy he is even more screwed.  Our names for boys are either really heavily laden with baggage or...nonexistent.

Major tasks I would like to accomplish before this person is born:
Hang up our pictures, frames etc.
Paint the dresser in the guest room, formerly in Junia's room, and put it downstairs for art supplies and baby supplies.

So there it is: my random thoughts all unassorted and vomited out into the blogosphere!


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