Pregnancy, Ice nd Pica! I'm having a love affair....

 I am thinking of opening an ice store. 

It would be filled with all sorts of ice machines.
You go in and sample your favorite kind of ice and buy it buy the pound.
It would be put in a cooler- and kept frozen by dry ice.

I would probabaly buy 5 lbs a day.
I would go there on a daily basis.

For minutes on end, every single day, I seriously entertain this idea.

This is the second pregnancy where ice has made it to the top of my beloved foods list.  (I would really love an entire gin and tonic to myself, but that's taboo in our culture and these days some politician might attack me for having my own desires without consulting the full personhood of my fetus)

It's probably because I have low iron.  (But, because of having thalasemia trait I'll have low iron forever.  No matter how much iron eat) Whatever  the reason, I love ice.  Irrationably.  Uncontrollably.  In fact, I just came back from a meeting and realized that my ice had all melted in my cup.  So I missed the glorious window of very crunchable ice.

I'm kind of crushed.


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