6 or 8 weeks left..

I've started a list of things we need to do before this baby arrives.  It is categorized:

    a. Set-up
    b. Birth
    c. Other

We might be able to actually do some of these things if I were sleeping at night. Sadly though I am not.  Part of it is waking up ever 45 minutes to pee, part of it is temperature regulation problems part of it is hip and back discomfort, and the final part is the anxiety about not sleeping piled onto not sleeping.

The last one is the worst.

Thank God (seriously thank you Co-creator Mother God) that I am going to work these days I am not sure how I would muster up the patience to be with Junia in my state.  She seems to have discovered the fine art of kicking and hitting me in the breasts.  I seem to have discovered the fine art of saying, "no, stop, don't, why."  My negotiating skills are waning.

I'm trying to embrace what it feels like to have someone move inside of me: to savor the experiences of sudden bladder pain or the feeling of having your mid-section be overwhelmed by giant movement.  I am trying to remember these flutterings that are not at all like gas but very much like a person moving around.

But, maybe in the long run romantasizing this isn't going to be helpful to other women or my daughters at all.  Perhaps embracing all the discomforts and remembering them will help me to hear them from others.  Because, when you are this far into being pregnant, the physical part just starts to suck.


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