Glimpse into the life of...ordinary us.

We are those parents who let their child spend the morning naked.  Or, we are those parents who don't bother with fighting our child when she decides to get naked.

And here is how it happens...

I've been nesting hardcore.  And, at the same time that means that stuff is getting re-arranged, moved, given away, or sorted.  One of the projects that needs to happen before this baby comes is getting our guestroom in order so that Nana and Pop have a place to sleep when they are caring for Junia while we are in labor and recovery.  The guestroom also functions as art room, filing cabinet, staging for various painting projects, holding station for 2 twin mattresses, fabric stock and various assundry of other things.  So at one point I went through some art supplies and sorted them by things Junia could use.  So added some stamps, stamp pads, markers, tissue paper, confetti, and watercolors to her art bin.

So this morning that pile of stuff finally made it downstairs to her art bin (of course because her old dresser is about to be painted and so it made way for another project).  She was quite excited to cover her body in stamps.  Now, mind you we had already fended off a "draw all over myself with a sharpie" incident earlier in the morning. 

So she stripped down and covered herself with acorns and bee stamps.
Then she rolled out the roll of tissue paper and ran back and forth.
And to be honest we just watched.

And it was great!


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