Simple skirt success

The toddler in my life is really into tights these days. 

Thankfully has cheap tights and thankfully making a skirt with some random fabric and a sewing machine can take as little as 30 minutes.

And thankfully she doesn't expect the skirts to be perfect.

She also isn't yet at that stage where skirts need to poof out when you spin.  Which, I'll admit is kind of awesome but since I keep accidentally making pencil skirts for a 2.5 year old I'm pretty glad she isn't picky.
I think when she wears this skirt with tights and a shirt she looks like a school teacher. I don't know what that impulse is in me.  And FYI- her socks in these pictures are huge.  She does not have flipper feet.
And, last but not least, in the random things these pictures make me think- getting a toddler to model is quite a skill.


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