Natural birth in a hospital- how to not hate my OB and Midwife

It is your job to worry, that is you doctor and you medical team.

My job to birth a baby.
My partner's job to help me birth a baby.
And, since I am lucky, my insurance will pay you to worry.

But that doesn't mean I'll pay you to infantalize me.
Or to treat me like I am dumb.
Or fat.
Or sick.
Or broken.

Or anything other than a person.

I will birth a baby.
I might do it with more help than I want.
I might do it with interventions that you offer.
I might do it with a surgery.

But I will birth a baby.
The baby that I've been caring for for 10 months.

And you worry yourself about what is working and what isn't.
And I will become a mother.


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