Welcome March...the lately.

Wow, I am so stinkin' ready for February to be over.

March grapples with spring and sometimes embraces her!
When nice days don't have to be taken as flukey.
When daylight savings times returns our evening hours.
Enjoying the newly opened and really nice Tacoma Children's Museum

Junia and Cousin Annie play at Dennis the Menace park in Monterey, CA
There is hope that winter will end.

What a wonderfully busy Sunday. I brunched with a dear friend who I don't see enough of (at all!) then rushed home to put the toddler down for a nap and a second meeting with our doula.   Sean is at work and Junia is sleeping well enough to blog.

What a delight that I have a child who takes long naps.
We will see about baby number two. I am dreading giving up on sleep but looking forward to meeting this other person.
Papa and Junia and the Pacific

Yesterday the weather was kind. We cleaned up our terribly ugly front yard and Sean mowed the back.  In Seattle grass grows in the winter.

Serious Junia. Serious Mama.
We realized that my winter garden has produced several heads of broccoli. We will be eating them this week! I wonder how the flavor will be different.

The pictures are from recent adventures...


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