Arms wide open to the days ahead!

Arms wide open to the world!
My shes are sleeping. So is my he.  My little-est she likes to sleep on and off, waking up every 7-10 minutes from 8-11:30pm or so.  So now that it is 11:15, I am waiting her out.  Is this the final drift off into night sleep or not?  Waiting...

One of the many places I have breastfed and toddler watched!
This is where the sleep deprivation is going to be hard.  With Junia we went to bed really really early.  Around 7:00pm.  Sure she got up a lot in the night but we got enough sleep this way.  This one though, she is sleeping for good chunks of the night but doesn't settle in until late.  Not as hard on me, I have a chance to take naps,  I fear what it will do to my early morning bus catching partner.  Even when he is home he doesn't have he innate gift of drifting back to sleep during Sesame Street.

The next two days its just me and these two kids.  I'm in charge.  I'm a bit scared.  What are the fears exactly:

1. Getting Junia down for a nap- what to do with Miriam during that time.
2. Saying no to Junia a trillion times- correcting her- just generally not being very positive with her.
3. Trying to get too much done and getting frustrated when it doesn't get done.
4. Trying not to do anything and getting bored out of my mind.
5.  Being generally miserable, fed-up, impatient with my little ones.

Being with these two kids- just me- what are the possibilities:

1.  Patti coming on Tuesday AM to watch Miriam while Junia and I go shopping for our garden!
2.  Feeling awesome if I make it through the day without either of them bringing me to the edge.
3.  I might feel adequate.
4.  Solidarity with other women.
5. Some fun projects to show Sean at the end of our days.

There must be more possibilities and more fears.
But we will be okay.  Lots and lots of people do this- and they are less equipped than I!


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