Diaper inserts, felt board, and dollhouse furniture...ya know.

Okay, I lied. I've had a lot more creative stuff going on than making these pillows.  The pillows were my first "sit down at the sewing machine" project.

Yesterday I made myself a maxi skirt from some fabric I picked up during my two hours of freedom on Saturday.   I also made Junia an adorable twirly skirt...which had been sitting on my sewing table for about 2 months.    Neither of these have photos that go with them.

But here are three other things I've been working on:

1. Homemade g-diaper inserts.  I got the tutorial here.  We did g-diapers with Junia and really liked them.  We did the disposable (aka compostable)  kind with Junia. We talked about doing the cloth diaper thing with Junia but we couldn't see how an extra load of laundry would fit in our lives then.  But this summer and next year our childcare will be located at home. With a mix of us, nanny, and nana we figured we could swing an extra load or two if it saved us money.  The fleece re-usable inserts are a bit pricey though so that's when I decided to make our own.

Ta Da!

2. Project number 2.  So when we redid the dresser turned credenza  One side of it didn't get painted and I covered it with felt to turn into a felt board.  Well it took us too many weeks to get some colorful felt but we did...and alas we have some felt dolls and clothes to play with.  Delightfully, I could make the dolls and clothes while wearing Miriam and sitting on a bouncy ball. This is, after all, how almost everything happens around here!  I bought the alphabet on etsy. It just seemed easier.  
Don't mind the turtle. Who is almost always a  horse, car, or motorcycle in J's imagination!

3. The final one is kind of a work in progress.  Miriam got Junia this dollhouse when she entered the family (I got it at goodwill like 2 years ago for $7.99 and kept it in the basement)  It came with some furniture and with block, and with a glue gun and some fabric scraps we have created some furniture (again with a glue gun)!  This is kind of a work in progress, but I've started looking at little pieces of plastic and packaging differently...I'm thinking an old necklace chain could be the start of a "light fixture" or making some lamps from a nail turned upsidedown- with something for a lampshade.. like I said...a work in progress.
Yup. That's a ferry boat in the bottom floor.  Only a Seattle kid considers a ferry normal mode of transportation.

Mostly decorating this furniture has kept me amused while playing "people."  To be honest, mostly Junia just puts them in a car or a bus or a ferry and then moves them to another part of the house and does this again and again and again.  I'm not digging it so much so making furniture works for me!


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