Notes from a growing family...

We took Miriam in for a hearing test today. She passed. I could have already told them that. Hearing tests for babies with toddler siblings are dumb.  We knew she could hear based on her responses to various loud toddler noises.

The test lady called Miriam, "my baby." As in, "is this my baby to get her ears tested." I almost ripped her head off.  I guess I'm feeling pretty attached to my baby.

I'm pretty swoony over this new life.  I understand the word, "babymoon."

Taking the advice of our midwives, "take it easy this week. Seriously, lay around and don't lift things, don't do much the most you  can do is go on a leisurely walk."  Is hard, and wonderful.

Does anyone want to come til the garden up?

Breastfeeding in the passenger seat of our new car is much better than it was in our old Honda.

I read an entire TIME magazine yesterday during one of our breastfeeding sessions.  Feed...she falls asleep...I detach her..she want to nurse... we did that like 1,000 times yesterday.   So we went to the library. I need some novels.

I'll let you know if I find anything good.

I love having my Partner here. It feels like we are on vacation...a babymoon together.

If you think keeping track of pairs of socks for adults is bad- baby socks are the worst.  Today was the first day she wore socks.  We aren't even starting with matching socks.


  1. How wonderful! I love each of these little vignettes and I don't know which I love most.


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