The wonders of white noise...

Never underestimate the wonders of white noise!

Yesterday Miriam took a delightfully long afternoon nap to a remix-record of 70's songs with a disco beat and when I tired of that we put on Fleetwood Mac!  I was jammin' she was snoozing.  We got home from the park with a baby in a carseat who was awake but sleepy. . .

So I put her in the bathroom with the fan on. Booyah she went to sleep. (And thankfully the bathroom was cleaned on Saturday so it doesn't smell like a toddler peed on the floor several days in a row anymore!)

I tried to nap with Miriam while Junia napped but spent most of Junia's nap nursing or trying to sleep and then when Junia woke up Miriam was zonked.  She is now snoozing away in a portable bed in the bathroom with the fan on.  We are at 30 minutes now.  Which is a good stretch for a newborn to be resting by themselves (aka not on a person, in a person's arm, in a baby carrier that kind of thing).

To be honest I hate bathroom fans.  I have this totally irrational fear of being sucked into one.  I also in general don't like any extra noise.  But, I like sleeping baby more!

And, BTW, white noise is one of the Happiest Baby on the Block principles of helping a baby be happy...I think he calls it sh-shing.  We are total subscribers to the happiest baby on the block theory of 4th trimester where you swaddle, bounce, shush, suck (well you don't suck the kid does).


  1. I am reading The Happiest Baby book right now - I will definitely keep white noise in mind, it sounds like a miracle!


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