First outing

 Okay well technically Miriam has had 2 other outings but both involved medical things. This was just for fun.  Some photos to get you guessing?

Rhubarb and spring garlic...

A $5 bouquet of flowers...

Do I need to add words?   The neighborhood farmers market opened today!

We usually don't treat ourselves to flowers and a snack at our weekly market but the first one of the season is worth celebrating.  Isn't Sean a great baby wearer!  I'm not putting her on for at least another couple days.  And, holy cow, I look thinner and tired!

Tomorrow we shall enjoy a rosemary rhubarb pie!


  1. This post involves some of my absolute favorite things:
    1. Babies zipped up in dads' jackets.
    2. Rhubarb. The rosemary has me intrigued!
    3. Farmers markets.
    4. Adorable families.

  2. Rachel, you look great--yes, tired, but that is how new parents are supposed to look. Love the pictures from the market and wished we had gone on our way home. So happy for you all and can't wait to meet her and see you guys. And so happy for you about the vbac and redemptive birth experience. (Starting to babble...will sign off now.)


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