House Tour for parents 1

Remember this post about how we need to tour eachother's messy houses?
A couple of you have sent me your photos. And your houses are messy too!
Thank you.

Because, when I looked at the pictures I was surprised. I thought "Really! It's not just us?"

But I already knew in my head that other people have messy why was I surprised?
Because, I'm not sure I believe it in my heart.

Houses that are messy are loved in and lived in.
And with the lives of kids and heck the live without kids is one that is real...

And let me just tell you, the people who send me these pictures have their shit together in life.  I admire them, their relationships, their kids, their homes.  And yes, things are a mess there too!  I find this quite liberating.


Keep 'em coming readers!


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