House tour for parents

I have an idea.

In order to let go of my anxiety about the mess in our house, and to let go of the fear of people judging me (and the predisposition to judge others) and in order to embrace a greater freedom and more understanding I think that I should organize a house tour.

You know how people go and look at beautiful houses that are all dressed up and looking great.   It goes like this: you pay the "garden society" or the "women's auxiliary" like 10 bucks and then you literally walk from house to house lookig through people's homes and oogle over how beautiful it is.

Except that what I need is to walk through people's homes and look at how there are cheerios and corn under their table and someone put a ladybug sticker on the wall and their are secret toys hiding under the couch.  That's what I need.  Oh, and forget luminaries leading from house to house it'll be tricycles and sticks, pieces of trash that fall out of the car and various paintings from preschool because frankly I don't know what to do with all of them.

So wanna join?  We would have to fight our desire to pick up before people come over and walk through our house.  If you were to come right now you might risk your life stepping over the vacuum cleaner or the wet floor where Junia was doing the dishes next too me.  And, watch out for the bee that hitched a ride on the wood I carried in earlier and I haven't bothered to capture it's hibernation crazed self.

So come on over. Drop by. I'll be stopping into your place soon :)  Or better yet- send me a photo. We can crash a messy house via my blog!


  1. This is a seriously good idea Rachel. I think we could make a business out of this for expectant parents--or anybody!

  2. Thanks Mary. I love the idea- I also just think it's funny!

  3. A messy house is a house that is alive and living. A clean house still and dying!


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