Momfuko Milk bar cookbook.

S is kind of into reading cookbooks.  That my be an understatement; is bringing home 7 from the library an understatement?

Well a few weeks ago he brought me home a cookbook. For the most part I am not a cookbook reader.  Recipes for me are mostly something I consider "advice." But then he brought this home...

First of all, the author was a Pelican (worker) on Star Island, actually she was a baker. That wins my heart. And then, it is full of comfort food- with interest.  I am kind of obessed with the crunches and crumbles. I am jonesing to make the birthday cake and to make the grapefruit pie (think Key Lime).  I think we might have to actually buy it!  here's a recipe- my favorite so far!

Ritz Crunch

1 sleeve of Ritz Crackers- crunched up
7 TB Butter
1/4 cup powdered milk
1/2 cup sugar

Cook at 275 for 20 minutes. Let cool. It is amazing. Seriously, amazing.  Use it to eat by the handfuls, on top of ice cream, or as pie crust (press into a pan and then bake before adding filling).


  1. Sorry. I'm a dufus... one of those "measurers" NOT "dumpers" (as Pampered Chef classifies people). Are you supposed to break up the crackers? How finely? Then mix everything together and bake? Then what is it meant for? On ice cream, or just eat by the handful?

    And I have to say grapefruit pie sounds gross. :-)


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