This kidded life.

Yup, I used the word kid as a verb.  That somehow seems right.  Here are some snippets from life.

 Chasing geese near Mohai.  Strangers warning us, "I wouldn't let her do that they'll attack her."  I hate it when strangers parent like that.  It just makes you feel like crap- and frankly as someone who was obsessed with birds in 6-8th grades I know something about birds. They aren't going to attack (upon being chased) when there is no nest around.

Sean is such a playful Papa! Miriam smothered herself in carrots so Papa joined in.  It took a lot of scubbing to get the orange off of their faces!

Gotta love tights like this ya know!  Junia actually took this photo herself.  She has been taking a lot of photos lately.  A lot of times they are lousy and she leaves the camera on so that the battery is constantly dead.  But, sometimes we get gems!

This one  is just such a happy chum!


  1. What an orange face! Love it. She and Sean look so happy! Also, Miriam looks so much like you!


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