Messy House. . .it's okay.

I am plagued by the need to clean.

During our three consecutive days at home over Christmas break I felt the CONSTANT need to pick up.  I would be leaving the bathroom and see a towel on the floor, a random shoe, and a pair of earrings.  So I pick up the towel, put the shoe where our shoes go and put the earrings on the steps so that next time I go upstairs I can take it. . .when I go up I take the earrings up and grab 10 things that need to come down. On and one I am always thinking this way.

We don't need better storage solutions.  That isn't the problem. We need a magical child who picks up after herself.  And, no I am not willing to battle it out (aka act against ever fiber of her being and insitute something to that she is afraid not to) to force her into it.  The fact is that when you have small kids (or any?) your house gets messy.

It makes me feel more peaceful when our house is clean. I  can let go of thinking about it and relax. Except it doesn't matter.  Within reason, our house is picked up enough.  Dishes that sit in the living room overnight aren't going to hurt anyone. Not having a specific place for the felt letters doesn't matter if they are always on the felt board. Even the piles of books from the library don't matter...they are books after all!

Besides I love some messy people.  Their messes don't make me love them less.  And, I want to expect that of the people in my life as well.

So, one of my new years resolutions is to try to find ways to let go of the emotion around mess. Having Junia pick things up when she is done playing is great. Getting pissed that she made a mess while playing (because the house was clean) is not. Figuring out how to Love myself well right now is letting go of the judgement (self or perceived from others) honoring and working on letting go of the emotion...

I'm starting.


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