Notes from a Growing Family 8

Miriam is killing us with the sleep. She is a fighter! And every evening I get more and more anxious about how it is going to be. Then when 1am rolls around and I haven't been asleep and she is still cry, fussing, chatting,  and in general AWAKE I start to go bonkers.

Yes I am going bonkers.

Junia is so stinkin' fun and funny. She has a great imagination and is such a great player.  It also knows how to put up a fight, how to have a tantrum, how to manipulate her parents and what she is universally better at than anyone else in our house is stalling, putzing and in general taking her sweet ol' time.  When some of your departures are set by the Washington State Ferry Schedule this is problematic!

In general though, I think I have two awesome kids. They are both actually so easy going and good natured.  What a priveledge to live with these two little ones.
And parenting with Sean makes the bonkers seem okay.  I don't know how he doesn't shame me for screaming FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK! In the middle of the night at our child. But he doesn't. It must be because he is going bonkers too.

The real struggle is getting things done. THings like picking up the house, signing paperwork and sending it back to my mom (sorry Mom), remembering to bring things to work, taking books back to the library. Oh man that kind of stuff kills us!

And in general, though 2013 is starting off at a pace that is wholly unsustainable that seems like the gurantee. That things will change.  Right? They always do.

Oh, and as I'm thinking of it. I think I need glasses and we need to order another cord of wood.


  1. Keep up the good work. It is hard -- really hard -- to be a parent, and I only did it once, so blessings on you for doubling that. Just makes it all the MORE. More everything. Hang in there. And yes, kudos to Sean for being an awesome partner and daddy. Doesn't it just make a flippin' huge difference when you have someone on your side... BY your side, someone who has your back no matter what!? Swoon.

    Costco is great for glasses. Less expensive and fast.

  2. Ha HA this made me laugh cause im right there with you. Grant has not been sleeping well lately either due to teething and a virus and who knows why. when on my third trip up to his room at about 1am the other night after having only gotten 5 total hours of sleep the night before and none yet that night I unplugged the baby moniter and threw it across the room as I left. I often wonder what Will thinks of me when I have a moment of crazy! but he never shames me, its nice to have a partner who loves me no matter what, I cant even begin to imagine doing it on my own.

  3. We are still in the thick of it with Foster too! Tonight it took me an hour to get him to go down and I know that he'll be back up with me again in an hour or two. I hate that my last interaction for the day with him is sometimes me being so angry and yelling at him to stop talking, stop wiggling, and go to sleep and no you can't have any more books and no you can't have that toy! Love to all 4 of you.

  4. Oh no Amy and Beth...oh no. This parenting little ones thing is brutal! Ain't it!


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