After the Baby Book- An Art Activity book for toddlers!

On a whim I bought we bought this book for Junia. Or was it for us?

Each day has some kind of visual art activity. It has questions about art, and art activities, questions, little tests etc. We love doing it with her each day!

 It only takes a couple of minutes to do the activities. Each night, before reading books we a do a page of the art book. We ask her about the picture or about what she thinks about it, and then we record what she says.

It's a cool way to record this stage of her development. Some of her lines, the way that she says things, her drawings etc. We are beyond baby book stage...she doesn't have firsts on a regular basis anymore, so doing something where we can record her phrases is pretty fun.  So it is functioning now as a way to remember and record, to learn about art, to do an activity together etc. We are loving it!

32 days in and we haven't skipped too many daysyet and are quite enjoying it.
I highly reccommend this!


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