Why I like February in the Pacific Northwest

Oh the Pacific Northwest in the fall, winter, and spring can be such a bummer.  More grey, more clouds, more drizzle.  It's enough to drive you nuts.  We are counting the minutes of extra daylight each day like we count the last bites of dinner Junia takes, one by one that is.

But February, right here in the middle of winter, is one of my favorite months.  Because it has secret surprises in it.  February in the PNW has these surprise glorious days of sunshine. The mountains come out of the shroud of clouds and show a snowy face, the rising and setting sun leave sillhouettes of the Cascade or Olympics to welcome you, mount Baker peaks it's head out...The water takes on a navy blue hue and blessed by we are all blinded by the angle of the sun.

Blessed be the delights of sunshine amidst the grey.
Afternoons of playground even in the cold.


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